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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Okay, not really. It's another semester and it's off to a rough start, but I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.

Yesterday, my friend had to literally stalk someone to their car to reserve a parking space for me. I don't understand how the school has added new parking and yet people still have to drive around for an hour waiting for a spot...

I hate my school, but I need a degree, so I still attend. However, I have discovered that they sell bubble tea and it was yummy and now I have a reason to hate the school a little less.

Rain, rain and more rain. I will remember to wear my wellies because my poor studded flats are battered after two days of puddles. They are probably beyond salvaging but I will attempt.

I was lucky enough to end up behind some Robert Pattinson wannabe on my way to class today. He had the whole bedhead, dirty look and was checking out the girls left and right, walking -10 miles a hour. I am a really slow person overall and he was making me anxious! I tried to get away from him, but he opened up the door I was reaching for and then made no attempt to even hold it for me and it nearly slammed on my hand.

Now, I'm not one of those people who think men need to hold doors for women. The people that attend my school generally are the sort who will hold the door for others, whether male or female. I have come to expect that the person in front of me will be courteous enough to at least make sure the damn door doesn't slam in my face.

I made a fool of my self tripping while attempting to hold the door for a girl coming into the bookstore, but dammit at least it was in the name of being nice!

A funny/cute thing happened today. One of my classes is located in one of the science buildings. (I am in no way, shape or form capable of scientific or mathematical understanding.) I love it because all the hot guys are there. This is based on my attraction to their mind and not necessarily a commentary on their outward appearance.

Anyway, some rather good looking boys come into our class and ask if it was the physics class they were looking for. Nope. They continued to reel off a list of various high level courses and finally a girl in my class says it's a nursing class. The rest of us in the class looked at her, completely shocked. We started wondering if we all were in the wrong class and then she laughs and fesses up. The boys were really cute though.

Now, I'm home attempting to actually do my work on time, but the school website is down. It never fails...
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